O cursed spite
That ever I was born to set it right!

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The Eren to my Levi
The Jellal to my Erza
The Nine to my Twelve
The Shizuo to my Izaya
The Yata to my Fushimi
The Akashi to my Akashi
The Kuroko to my Akashi
The Shishio to my Suzume
The Takao to my Midorima


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spookiro replied to your post: anonymous said:IF YOU’RE REALLY B…

there’s actually translations up for all those chapters at mangalator but somehow not a lot of people seem to know


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thefangirlinh: Uwaaa nijumurashuuzo senpai you read Hnr right? Which team are you on? Sensei or Mamura? I'm on #teamSensei yay :3

Yes I do! I’m a Shizume shipper, but I love both Shishio and Mamura a lot. Quite frankly, I wouldn’t really mind who Suzume ends up with as long as everyone’s happy in the end~

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Anonymous: IF YOU'RE REALLY BORED ONE TODAY DO YOU MIND TRANSLATING THE REST OF ORESAMA TEACHER? It's up to chapter 106 and I'm pretty sure it ended at 113. Raws are out and idk why it hasn't been finished. lol you don't have to tho

Okay, if scans are, for some reason, not caught up by the time I’m done with college apps, I’ll take a look at it ^^

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